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Many people may have this question of what the role of Christian radio is in our culture, and those thoughts and questions ignites the gamut. Because there are several styles of Christian radio stations throughout the world today, all designed to meet specific needs according to the calling God has placed on them. As you go deeper into our details, look around our websites, and listen to our music, one can clearly figure out what are we intending to. We pray that you will see the vision that God has called us to do at Radio Masih.

Radio Masih has a heart for the young people of North, South, East & Western parts of India and those who are spread through out the world, who has a root from India. Through all the pressures and struggles that face teens and young adults in our culture, Radio Masih to be a positive influence, demonstrating the hope that is to be found in Jesus Christ. As the hope is shown, we also believe the promise Christ has given us, that if we lift Him up, He will draw all men unto Himself, regardless of age, background, or economic status (John 12:32)


Radio Masih is a Christ-centered Radio Station under Saviour Foundation Inc. a non-profit Christian Ministry registered in the state of Georgia, USA. Being Christ-centered, we mean preaching the Gospel taught by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. As a 501(C) non-profit, we are allowed to offer our supporters the benefits of tax-deductible giving. As a listener-supported Christian Station, we’re able to concentrate on creating the kind of Radio that partners with listeners in touching hearts and lives.

Radio Masih began in 2020, we have used music and ministry to accomplish God’s purposes in the life of this Radio Station. Our vision statement “Truth of Life, shared with Love” is Bible based with an aim to reach the unreached.

Radio Masih shares the Gospel through Christian Music, Messages, Stories, Theological Discussions and outreach using broadcasting, events, and mentoring; promotes unity among Christians, and actively participates in our community. Our joy is in seeing this vision and mission accomplished. Sharing the Gospel of Christ, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together under His banner, and impacting our community in His names are things we’re passionate about. We concentrate more on young adults and youth audience.
At Radio Masih, we endeavor to do everything with the highest level of professional quality and excellence. Our goal is to share the Gospel in its complete Truth and to bring joy and spiritual revival through Music and other Christian ministry.